How do I purchase a membership with my Peerfit Move credits?

Learn how to get month-to-month, unlimited access to a facility on our network using your Peerfit Move credits.

Once you have Explored the Network, locate a facility you are interested in. Please visit the facility's dedicated page on the Peerfit Move website to ensure they offer membership services through Peerfit Move. If offered, you'll want to follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the facility's page on Peerfit Move

2. Click 'Purchase Membership'

3. Click 'Purchase' again inside of the new pop-up window to confirm

4. Upon completing the purchase transaction, you'll automatically receive a confirmation receipt to your email address on file

5. You may choose to print your confirmation email out or write down your Peerfit Member ID number (ID begins with PF) to bring into the facility with you

6. Please allow the facility 24 hours to process your membership purchase

7. Upon arrival to the gym, mention that you've purchased a membership to the facility through Peerfit Move

8. You may be asked to present your confirmation receipt or provide your Peerfit Member ID number 

IMPORTANT: All memberships purchased through Peerfit Move are single, adult memberships. Your membership will automatically renew month over month until explicitly cancelled.