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How to Upload User Visit Data for Reimbursement


Hello, valued Medicare Partners! At FitOn Health (formerly, Peerfit, Inc.) we want you to be compensated what you’re worth. Here’s how you can easily track and report your FitOn Health visitor usage to be reimbursed for the month:

  1. Track Usage
    1. Use your booking system to pull a usage report for FitOn Health members
    2. For details, download our usage guide

  2. Input usage into FitOn Health User Visit Template
    1. Download the template

  3. Rename the Template
    1. GymBrandName_LocationName_YYYYMM

  4. Upload to FitOn Health's Secure Upload Page
    1. Located here

  5. Wait for Reimbursement from FitOn Health
    1. You'll receive this by end of month


Have questions? Email and your account manager will be more than happy to help keep your process as simple as possible!