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Corporate Wellness and Medicare Blog by FitOn Health

Stay up to date with the latest trends and stats in corporate and Medicare benefits with industry experts FitOn Health.
May 254 min read

The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Wellness Program

Everyone wants to build their own wellness program. But more important than the wellness ...
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May 157 min read

Employee Advocacy: A Cost-Effective Approach to B2B Marketing for HR Managers

Employees are the first touch stone your customers will have with a product. For that ...
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May 105 min read

How to Create a Data-Driven Employee Wellness Plan

Creating a data driven employee wellness program will help you track key metrics related ...
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May 015 min read

8 Workplace Wellness Metrics Every Employer Should Know

Learn how tracking a program’s success can help the company make strategic decisions that ...
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April 265 min read

8 Key Areas for Evaluating Corporate Wellness Success

Explore 8 key metrics for measuring corporate wellness program success, optimizing ...
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April 205 min read

Building Trust During Change Management

Building trust during periods of high turnover is not only good for employee morale, but ...
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April 2014 min read

Listen Now: Scaling the Health and Wellness Industry

Listen to this latest podcast featuring Ed Buckley, CEO of FitOn and FitOn Health. He ...
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April 056 min read

Pros and Cons of Profit-Based Care for Employees

Learn the pros and cons of profit-based care for employees, its impact on wellness ...
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April 049 min read

How Benefits Managers Can Use People Analytics to Make Key Decisions

Explore people analytics for data-driven decisions, boosting employee engagement & ...
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April 033 min read

5 Community Building Activities for a Hybrid-Remote Workplace

Looking for ways to strengthen your remote team? Virtual team building activities can ...
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