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Corporate Wellness and Medicare Blog by FitOn Health

Stay up to date with the latest trends and stats in corporate and Medicare benefits with industry experts FitOn Health.
March 17 4 min read

Women's Work: How Remote Work is Bridging A Gap in Gender Diversity

Embrace remote work to champion gender diversity, empower women, bridge leadership gaps ...
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March 15 8 min read

Does A High Employee Turnover Rate Contribute to Lower Employee Morale?

Low wages and lack of engagement to remote work and recent tech layoffs, explore the ...
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March 09 9 min read

Why Employee Buy-In Is Key to a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Start building a culture of health and well-being in your workplace with these key ...
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March 03 7 min read

Recognizing ‘smoke signals’ is critical in preventing employee burnout

Struggling with employee burnout? Often before an employee disengages you can trace ...
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March 01 9 min read

How Employee Wellness Programs Differentiate Your Brand

Explore how employee wellness programs differentiate your brand by improving ...
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February 20 9 min read

How to Foster a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

The goal of a culture of wellness is to create a positive, effective, and supportive work ...
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February 14 1 min read

Peerfit, Inc. is now FitOn Health!

Peerfit, Inc. is now FitOn Health.
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December 07 3 min read

How to Support Positive Nutrition Habits at Work to Optimize Employee Health

Employers can support their employees' health and wellbeing by promoting positive ...
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October 24 9 min read

Movement is Medicine: 7 Ways to Encourage More Movement in the Workplace

See increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved retention, enhanced employee ...
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October 10 12 min read

15 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Mental Health

Easy-to-implement hacks that you can get started with right now! Because you can’t pour ...
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