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The benefits platform that engages members through condition-based health education, best-in-class fitness, mindfulness content, and so much more.

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May 072 min read

Revolutionizing Employee Wellness: Trends and Best Practices for 2024

Discover the latest trends and best practices in revolutionizing employee wellness ...
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May 024 min read

The Silent Influence: Mental Health & Workplace Productivity

Discover the impact of mental health on workplace productivity, plus practical tips ...
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April 193 min read

6 Tips to Prevent Employee Stress at Work

Proactively address employee stress and create a culture of well-being and ...
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March 263 min read

5 Best Practices for Promoting Holistic Wellness

Recognizing employees' holistic wellness is crucial in fostering a thriving ...
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March 133 min read

The Power of Preventive Care: Taking a Proactive Approach to Health

Explore the benefits of preventive care and what proactive steps you can take today.
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March 123 min read

6 Things Employers Consider When Choosing a Health Plan

Understand what employers are looking for from their health plans and how providers ...
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March 043 min read

8 Books Every Leader Should Add to Their Reading List

Essential health and wellness books every leader should read to cultivate a ...
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February 285 min read

5 Ways to Support Employee Well-Being With Nutrition

How to to support employee well-being and encourage healthy eating habits with food ...
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February 233 min read

How to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

Actionable strategies to enhance your work environment and prioritize mental health ...
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