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FitOn HealthFebruary 14< 1 min read

Peerfit, Inc. is now FitOn Health!

February 15th will be the 12 month anniversary since we completed our merger with FitOn. We are extraordinarily delighted how Year 1 went both as a combined company as well as the resources it brought to bear for our partners and members. We are seeing record high engagement and enrollment both for our in-person experiences as well as having eclipsed all previous digital usage we have seen. 

During the next few months, we will be transitioning the Peerfit, Inc. company name to FitOn Health as the next phase in our journey.




This change will not impact our day to day routine and structure or have any direct impact on our users, partners, or clients. Our same teams are in place to continue providing the level of service we’ve become known for. 

We thank you for being an important part of our journey. As always we are staying on track to continue to provide you with  a benefit to be more active and live healthier lives. 

In health, 

Ed Buckley, PhD

CEO of FitOn Health (Formerly Peerfit, Inc.)