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October 063 min read

Top Tips to Help Your Employees Lead a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A non-existent work-life balance has become a big source of employee burnout. It's time to teach the team how to set boundaries and adopt a healthy work-life balance! Not only will it benefit the health and well-being of employees, but by working smarter (not harder), it will actually enhance productivity.

Improve Work-Life Balance, Boost Productivity: 6 Simple Strategies to Share with Your Team

#1 Make Days Off Sacred

On the days they aren't working, remind employees to rest and recharge. This could be scheduling in self-care time, turning off work notifications, spending time with loved ones, or simply doing something they love to do. As seen by both vacation times and four-day workweek, time off increases productivity, reduces stress, and improves work satisfaction. 

#2 Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be difficult, especially for “people-pleasing” employees or those who are prone to overworking. But, setting healthy boundaries — in both work and life — is crucial to preventing burnout. Encourage employees to reflect on their physical, mental, and emotional boundaries and communicate their needs!

Here are some suggestions to share based on various employee needs: 

  • For those prone to overworking, try to avoid answering emails after hours 
  • Encourage employees to review their workload; if tasks feel overly stressful or unnecessary, redelegate or balance the workload between multiple team members
  • Emphasize open communication, especially for those who are shy or eager to please

For help setting boundaries, here’s a good place to start!

#3 Build a Support Network

One of the most crucial elements to achieving work-life balance? Having a reliable support system. We all have those days when we feel stressed, overwhelmed, upset, or just in need of a friend. Remind employees not to neglect those important people outside of work — having an outlet and network can boost health, improve happiness, and ease the burdens of everyday life. 

#4 Spend Time on a Hobby

When dealing with burnout, it’s easy to lose the joy in the things we used to love. But, having hobbies and sources of inspiration outside of work can actually improve inspiration and productivity while at work! Encourage your team to find meaningful activities (that have nothing to do with work), like a cooking or pottery class. Check in with your employees at the beginning of the week and offer suggestions or support if they need it — you could even invite your team to share on slack or at the beginning of your team meeting. 

#5 Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Listening to an inspirational podcast or audiobook can be a great source of inspiration, motivation, and education. Plus, it helps alleviate stress and shift the brain out of “work mode.”   And remind those busy bees who “don’t have time” that they can listen anytime, anywhere. Whether washing dishes or folding laundry, it’s a multi-tasking must-have. 

#6 Squeeze In A Workout 

Encourage your team to pencil in time for regular movement just as they would a meeting. Working out is self-care — it’s an opportunity to unplug, clear your head, and benefit from the release of those feel-good hormones. And it doesn’t have to be lengthy, either. Even 15 or 20 minutes makes a difference! Aside from alleviating stress, exercise can boost productivity, enhance creativity, and help prevent burnout. Simply hit play on the FitOn app — from cardio kickboxing to bedtime yoga flows, there’s something for everyone. 

Bonus Tip: Host Corporate Social Events 

To reduce stress, boost team-building, and promote work-life balance, regularly plan corporate social events! And if possible, consider how to keep them healthy. It could be a team hike, dinner, beach day, or workout class — the possibilities are endless. Maybe you plan a team potluck dinner and invite everyone to bring a homemade healthy recipe. Or, ask the team to offer up suggestions!

And Stress The Importance of Seeking Professional Support

Having a routine check-in with a medical professional is a GREAT tool to have when it comes to avoiding burnout and supporting overall health. Even if nothing is “wrong,” getting ahead of any stress or bottled-up emotions can prevent your team from experiencing something more severe or serious. We all need support!