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2024 Employee Wellness Trends You Need to Know

In today’s talent climate, employers are seeking new ways to engage, support, retain and attract employees — and they’re looking at wellness as a key opportunity.

Why? The labor market has gone “liquid” with acceptable tenures shorter than ever. Workforces are often decentralized — with teams made of remote, hybrid and on-site employees. Employees are more stressed out than ever.

HR practitioners cite an array of common challenges in terms of employee management, such as: increasing engagement, improving belonging and reducing isolation, building community and team cohesion, overcoming stress, and supporting overall health for employees. That’s where health and wellness programs can help — and play a role far more central than just a fun perk. They can help an organization address the current needs for both employer and employee — and tap into today’s key trends — digital delivery, holistic solutions, experiences that offer flexibility and choice, and seeing wellness in terms of total well-being.

Join Meghan M. Biro for this lively webinar on the wellness trends you need to know, such as:

  • Delivering fitness and wellness experiences to impact overall engagement as well as participation
  • Fostering community and belonging (especially in remote and hybrid workforces)
  • Investing in wellness platforms that go above and beyond steps challenges to support mental health-related issues, such as stress, loneliness, and more
  • Meeting employees' individual needs with holistic well-being

The bottom line: wellness matters just as much in work as in life. Making a wellness platform part of your overall HR strategy offers employees new opportunities for health, belonging, and engagement.