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FitOn Health Product Walkthrough: Personalization for Increasing Employee Engagement & Retention

Discover how FitOn Health’s all-in-one solution gives you a competitive edge over complex multi-point solutions that require users to navigate through multiple applications to achieve their wellness goals.

Join FitOn Health’s Director of Product, Amir Patel, as he reveals some of our latest user-focused product innovations. In this session, you’ll uncover the power of personalization with our approaches for boosting engagement and retention of your employees, members, and clients.

Tune in to learn:

  • The importance of personalization for engagement and retention.
  • The advantages of consolidating health solutions into one platform for simplicity and convenience.
  • How to leverage gamification elements like leaderboards and achievements in competition-based features to drive motivation and social interaction.
  • Plus, a sneak peek at upcoming features!