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FitOn HealthJune 101 min read

Webinar On-Demand: Personalization for Increased Engagement & Retention

Our recent webinar, "FitOn Health Product Walkthrough: Personalization for Increasing Employee Engagement & Retention" led by Director of Product, Amir Patel, explored FitOn Health's innovative, all-in-one wellness platform. The session covered our product's core pillars, the importance of personalization, and provided a sneak peek at our upcoming product features. Amir also discussed strategies to motivate our members through competition, challenges, and social interaction. Here's a recap of the key takeaways:

Live Product Walkthrough

Core pillars of FitOn Health


1. Fitness

FitOn Health offers best-in-class digital workouts for all levels, featuring top trainers and celebrities. We cater to both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts with a wide variety of workout categories, including cardio, abs, HIIT, strength training, yoga, Pilates, boxing, and more. We also recently added rehab workouts for those managing specific health conditions.

2. Wellness & Nutrition

We provide guided sessions for mindfulness, sleep, stress relief, and self-care. Our nutrition programs offer flexible meal plans tailored to dietary preferences and goals, complete with shopping lists and daily tasks to build healthy habits.

3. Gym Network

FitOn Health provides access to over 13,000 national facilities, including gyms, studios, community centers, and more. Members can easily search for and book in-person classes through our app, ensuring a seamless experience.

Personalization matters 

Personalization is at the heart of our platform, catering to the unique needs, goals, and preferences of each member. Our redesigned home screen, "For You," offers prioritized access to enrolled activities, notifications, and dynamic content recommendations. This approach enhances user satisfaction and retention by providing a tailored, pain-free experience.

Motivation through challenges and social interaction

  • Challenges and Achievements: Our diverse catalog of challenges allows members to engage in friendly competition, track their progress, and celebrate achievements. This fosters a positive reinforcement loop, keeping members motivated and engaged.
  • Step Competitions: Our new monthly step competition features a leaderboard, rankings, and social interaction. Members can sync their step data, compete with friends, and maintain accountability, all without needing a separate wearable device.

The webinar provided an in-depth look at how FitOn Health is revolutionizing wellness with its integrated platform. From personalization to gamification, we’re dedicated to enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. For a full recap of the product webinar and insight into our upcoming features, watch the webinar on-demand, here.