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FitOn HealthMarch 123 min read

6 Things Employers Consider When Choosing a Health Plan

The importance of employee benefits continues to grow. Over half of U.S. adults are more likely to stay at their job if they like their health plan. For employers, a recent McKinsey survey revealed 78% of respondents offer at least one voluntary benefit.

The survey also confirms the importance of supplemental benefits stating that “introducing navigation and health management tools to help employees navigate the healthcare system, engage in preventive physical and mental care, and manage chronic conditions” should be a key component of benefits packages moving forward. Innovation, flexibility, and a wide range of offerings are more important than ever. 

The importance of an employee benefits platform

Supplemental benefits, such as an employee health and wellness platform, are a critical component in addressing the evolving needs of both employers and employees. Traditional health insurance is important, but extra benefits also help improve the employee experience and promote well-being in companies.

To improve member satisfaction, retention, and manage costs, it’s crucial to understand what employers are looking for from their health plans and how providers can rise to the occasion to deliver value-added solutions.

6 Things employers look for in comprehensive benefits packages 


1. Low claims costs

Employers seek health plan providers that can effectively manage claims costs without compromising the quality of care. By implementing cost containment strategies and leveraging data, providers can help employers optimize spending while ensuring positive healthcare outcomes.

2. Low deductibles

Offering low deductibles is paramount for employers aiming to provide accessible healthcare coverage to their employees. Health plan providers that offer affordable deductibles help alleviate financial burdens on employees while promoting utilization of healthcare services.

3. Wide provider networks

Employers value health plan providers with extensive provider networks, ensuring that employees have access to a diverse range of healthcare professionals and facilities. A wide provider network enhances flexibility and choice, allowing employees to receive care from their preferred providers.

4. Variety of supplemental benefits

Beyond traditional medical coverage, employers are seeking health plan providers that offer a variety of supplemental benefits. While dental, vision, disability insurance, and other supplemental offerings enhance the overall benefits package, health and fitness benefits are no longer just a nice-to-have when providing employees with comprehensive coverage for their diverse needs.

5. All-in-one benefits

Employers prefer streamlined benefits packages that encompass all necessary coverage, rather than solutions requiring multiple points of contact. Health plan providers that offer all-in-one benefits simplify the administrative process for employers while providing comprehensive coverage for employees.

6. Rewards & incentives

Employers recognize the importance of incentivizing healthy behaviors among their workforce. Health plan providers that offer rewards and incentives for wellness activities, preventive screenings, and healthy lifestyle choices are in high demand. These programs not only promote employee well-being but also contribute to overall cost savings for employers.

Health plan providers must recognize the evolving needs and expectations of employers and adapt their offerings accordingly. Providers can differentiate themselves in the competitive market and become trusted partners in promoting employee health and well-being. Health plan providers must recognize the importance of supplemental offerings and work collaboratively with employers to design comprehensive benefits packages that address the diverse needs of today's workforce.

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