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FitOn HealthDecember 193 min read

How Employee Fitness Benefits Can Improve Well-Being

Implementing an effective employee wellness program that focuses on promoting employee fitness benefits can be a game-changer for your organization.

With every new and passing wellness trend, one of the critical components in supporting employee health can be easily missed: the emphasis on employee fitness. Investing in employee fitness is an investment in the long-term success and sustainability of both individuals and the organization as a whole.

A healthy workforce not only translates to reduced absenteeism but also boosts productivity and job satisfaction. According to Gallup, poor well-being affects the number of sick days employees take, their job performance, burnout and likelihood of leaving your organization — resulting in $322 billion of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout.

We’ll explore five reasons why investing in employee fitness can benefit your organization, as well as share ways you can help commit to the health of your workforce by prioritizing fitness in your corporate wellness program.

The crucial role of employee fitness benefits in the workplace

The surge in costs of poor well-being mentioned above underscores the increasing acknowledgment of the vital role that employee health and wellness play in the success of organizations. As an HR leader, implementing an effective employee wellness program that focuses on promoting employee fitness benefits can be a game-changer for your organization.

Here are 5 advantages of investing in employee fitness benefits:

1. Increased productivity

Engaging in regular physical activity has been proven to boost cognitive function and enhance overall productivity. Employees who incorporate fitness into their routine often experience improved focus, heightened creativity, and increased energy levels. Even small bouts of exercise are linked to positive outcomes.

2. Reduced healthcare costs

A focus on employee fitness contributes to a healthier workforce, which, in turn, can lead to decreased healthcare costs for the organization. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “workplace health programs can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs.” By preventing chronic diseases and reducing the likelihood of health-related issues, investing in an employee fitness benefit stands out as a strategic choice for long-term cost savings in healthcare expenditures.

3. Enhanced employee engagement

Fitness initiatives create a positive impact on employee engagement. Employees who feel supported in their health and wellness are more likely to be committed to their work and the company. An innovative approach to fitness programs that goes beyond the conventional and incorporates personalized plans can keep employees engaged and motivated.

4. Improved company culture

Prioritizing fitness in your corporate wellness program can contribute to building company culture. By fostering a sense of community through challenges and team-based activities, you can build a workplace culture that values health and teamwork, ultimately strengthening the overall organizational environment.

5. Tailored fitness solutions

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, personalized fitness should be at the core of your employee wellness program. Providing tailored fitness regimens ensures that employees receive the support they need to achieve their unique health goals. This personalized approach enhances engagement and empowers employees to take ownership of their well-being. Download our free guide to learn practical tips and strategies for customizing wellness programs.

Committing to employee fitness with FitOn Health

When it comes to prioritizing fitness in your corporate wellness program, FitOn Health offers tailored fitness solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of your workforce. Whole-health solutions include condition-management courses, instant access to the widest variety of workout and meditation classes from world-class trainers, experts and celebrities. FitOn Health works with the top health plans and 19K+ employers nationwide to drive best in class engagement and provide an integrated solution through our digital platform and expansive network of fitness studios and gyms.

Ready to implement employee fitness benefits for a healthier and more productive workforce? Schedule a demo to get started!


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