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FitOn HealthDecember 014 min read

What Do Seniors Want in Their Medicare Plan?


Seniors want diverse and personalized Medicare benefits.

Those in need of Medicare coverage do a lot of research to find the best plan. There are so many Medicare plans out there, and it can be hard for seniors to find the right ones. Seniors are used to seeing the basic benefits offered by Medicare carriers. However, they have specific requirements when they are searching for the right plan for them. 

Medicare enrollment is expected to reach 75 million by 2030. While this number increases, it's crucial for Medicare providers to understand what seniors need to remain competitive. By paying attention to and implementing seniors’ top priorities, Medicare carriers can attract more beneficiaries and provide the best care possible.  

What seniors are used to

Even though Medicare has been around for 55+ years, there have only been minor additions to traditional Medicare packages. It wasn’t until the 1980s and 90s that preventative care was provided by Medicare, such as screenings and vaccinations. Since then, Medicare providers are slowly adding more holistic benefits, but they don’t always meet a senior's needs. 

Because Medicare plans have stayed relatively the same since the beginning, it's difficult for plans to stand out to seniors. As older adults demand more benefits, it's the perfect time for Medicare providers to expand their benefits, and stand out from the rest.

Essential elements seniors look for in their Medicare plan

Seniors are choosing Medicare plans that meet a multitude of their needs. Here are a few things seniors prioritize when evaluating Medicare plans:

1. Cost-efficient

One of the biggest concerns in searching for a Medicare plan is the care costs. For seniors, it's crucial to ensure that their Medicare coverage is not only cost-efficient but also maximizes the value of their monthly payment. 

Consider redundant services like diagnostics and imaging, where the services essentially cover the same ground but might be named differently. Seniors don't want to find themselves paying twice for the same thing, and understandably, they want to avoid enrolling in services they may never use. A Medicare plan that is adaptable and personalized goes a long way in giving seniors the confidence they need in managing their coverage costs. 

2. Diverse senior benefits

Seniors are often used to seeing the same basic medical coverage when searching for plans. However, seniors are looking for more diversity. Especially when they are enrolled in Medicare Advantage and are looking for more coverage from other Medicare parts. Seniors want holistic support that cares for more than their medical needs. This type of holistic wellness features senior fitness benefits, community-centered programs, and mental health resources. 

While mental health conditions among older people are often under recognized and under-treated, the most common mental health conditions for older adults are depression and anxiety. Diverse benefits not only keep Medicare beneficiaries healthy, but can meet their needs for routine, connection, and high-quality life. The impact on positive whole-health outcomes could be substantial.

3. Flexible technology

The younger generations are known for their technology and social media use, but a study by the AARP found that older adults 50+ continue to reach for their devices. On top of wanting to stay connected, 43% of older adults use technology to stay healthy. Seniors are looking for an easier and more convenient way to receive support and access health benefits.

Carriers can make it easy for beneficiaries to access the information they need by leveraging a mobile app to navigate their Medicare and Medicare Advantage benefit offerings.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors started taking fuller advantage of the ability to see their doctor online. This can also extend towards joining a yoga or dance class from their computer. Ultimately making it easier to access workouts, find a fitness center close to them, or receive medical advice when they need it most. 

How to entice new beneficiaries

As seniors prioritize their own wants and needs when searching for medical care, carriers must adapt. Seniors are paying more attention to a carrier's cost efficiency, their diverse benefits, as well as their use of technology. Seniors are also looking for an easy customer experience by receiving fast customer support and easy-to-use mobile apps. By paying attention to what seniors want in their Medicare plans, carriers can offer adaptable plans for cost efficiency and provide holistic benefits for every aspect of seniors' health.

Seniors often use Medicare’s Star rating system to efficiently analyze the best option for them. Carriers have an increased star rating by offering ample support and a positive customer experience for their beneficiaries. Implementing each of these aspects allows seniors to easily notice quality carriers, and will help carriers entice beneficiaries.

How FitOn Health can help

FitOn Health helps Medicare plans meet seniors where they’re at. We recognize that seniors have their preferred routine, and we do what we can to both encourage and enhance their routine. 

Not only can seniors take charge of their own health, but we make our services digitally accessible. Seniors can use our app to find programs and classes nearby to attend. FitOn Health also provides a wide range of on-demand fitness and wellness videos, so anyone can exercise from the comfort of their own home, on their own time.

Discover a holistic well-being solution designed for seniors with FitOn Health. Schedule a demo today to learn more!